SAFER 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting

20 Mar 2019
ICEPE Europe
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SAFER 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting

A delegate from ICEP Europe recently attended the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting for the SAFER project hosted by The Association for Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, GrantXpert Ltd. and The Institute of Development Ltd, N. Charalambous in Nicosia, Cyprus (12th & 13th March).

The SAFER project hopes to address the issue of gender discrimination and gender based violence through the creation of an innovative training programme designed for use in primary schools across Europe. The programme will seek to promote and raise awareness around issues of gender equality, cultivate the skills required to build healthy relationships and promote respect towards all people irrespective of their gender or sexuality, whilst also challenging the attitudes and stereotypes which underpin GBV among primary school teachers and children.

The SAFER programme is currently in the crucial development phase and the meeting was vital in outlining key deadlines for the completion of the draft training materials and the planning of the training phase which will be held in Summer/Early Autumn 2019. The partners presented the literature reviews which will accompany each of the four training modules, as well as sample of the activities to be included in the draft SAFER training programme which will be trialed during the aforementioned training phase.

The energy and passion exhibited by the entire SAFER consortium for tackling gender based violence and discrimination ensured that the meeting was conducted efficiently and that all of the pre-outlined goals were met.

The 4th Transnational Meeting is scheduled to take place in early September in Athens, Greece.

If you would like to obtain further information regarding the SAFER research project or are a primary school teacher interested in participating in the SAFER training sessions, please feel free to contact Stephen Smith (Research, ICEP Europe) at


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