Teaching Happiness

Teaching Happiness

Positive Psychology for Learning and Wellbeing


Positive emotion acts like a hidden reset button that repairs us psychologically and physiologically. Using positive psychology approaches to engage children and young people opens up their willingness to put in extra effort, improves learning outcomes, and enhances wellbeing for students and teachers alike. This online CPD course examines how happiness and wellbeing can be enhanced through the application of positive psychology in your own life and those of others. This course is delivered fully online allowing you the flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

This course will equip you with an in-depth understanding of the science of happiness and wellbeing and the relevance of positive psychology to the field of education and to your own life. It explores how we can use the principles and practices of positive psychology to build strengths and develop the skills flourishing in our pupils and ourselves. Positive education is underpinned by a solid research foundation from the science of positive psychology and is providing schools and educators, parents and students with new and exciting interventions and embedded practices which can be implemented in many different settings. 

Key topics include the science of happiness and wellbeing, the role and value of positive emotions, and the effects of happiness and positive emotion on various outcomes including learning, creativity, health, resilience and longevity. Fascinating research and practical methods for promoting positive relationships, cultivating positive learning environments and encouraging ‘flow’ are presented, meaning the course an ideal accompaniment for teachers devising a wellbeing curriculum in line with the NCCA Wellbeing guidelines for Junior Cycle students. The course also provides you, the teacher, with the opportunity to practice techniques for enhancing wellbeing in your own daily life through practical exercises and experiments. Finally we look at how to prevent stress and burnout and detail specific approaches for enhancing your practice and your own wellbeing.


  • Understand the key concepts of positive psychology and its relevance to the field of education.
  • Gain an in depth-understanding of the science of happiness and wellbeing and how to promote flourishing using evidence-based approaches from positive psychology.
  • Learn practical techniques, tools and exercises for boosting positive emotions, optimism,  wellbeing and engagement.
  • Understand how to prevent stress and burnout and enhance your own professional practice and wellbeing.
  • Enjoy rich opportunities for collaboration with our online network of learners and tutors.
  • Save printable course materials and resources for future reference.


All of our tutors are experts in the area of positive psychology and wellbeing and will provide you with one-to-one guidance as you complete your studies online.

Technical support is provided by our dedicated team of qualified learning technologists, who are available to assist you by telephone or email.

Interactive Learning Assignments accompany each module. Each student is also required to complete a Reflective Assignment as well as a CPD record.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development and a Learning Log of your work, which can be included in your CPD portfolio.

About The Course 

This course draws together more than 15 years of research into cultivating happiness. Applying the science and wisdom of positive psychology can improve everything from wellbeing and working-memory to attention spans and problem-solving ability. The benefits are infectious: positive emotions and experiences broaden our mindsets and skills, strengthen relationships and transform the capacity of both teachers and pupils to cope with difficulty, allowing everyone to function at their highest level in the classroom and beyond.

This course examines how the practical applications of positive psychology can be introduced to students of all ages and how key practices such as mindfulness will improve focus and concentration, resulting in calmer and happier students. It explores a wealth of research evidence on happiness, wellbeing, positive emotions, learned optimism, flow, engagement and character strengths and offers transformative interventions and approaches for promoting learning and wellbeing in your students and in your own daily life.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is designed for teachers, SNAs, youth workers and those working with learners in many different contexts. It may also be of interest to social care workers, psychologists and other therapeutic or educational practitioners who want to learn more about the application of positive psychology to enhancing wellbeing and flourishing.

Approved by the Department of Education and Skills

This course is approved by the Department of Education and Skills. Three EPV days will be allowed for primary school teachers who take the course during the summer term. Please note this provision applies only to the summer term as per Department guidelines.

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"I have never done a course so interesting and inherently as valuable as this. I have stopped, reflected, taken time for myself, discussed with family, been pushed beyond my normal level of understanding of the word 'happiness' and more. I have spoken about this course and happiness freshly. I have looked at myself completely because of this course and it has resonated deeply."A. Crammond

    Autumn Term

    Start Date: 
    12 October, 2020

    Last Enrollment Date: 
    29 November, 2020

  • DURATION20 hours of self paced study any time during the term
  • AWARDCertificate of CPD **Summer term fully approved for EPV days for Primary Teachers**
  • € FEES €99.00

University Accreditation

Since its establishment in 2001, ICEP Europe has recognised the importance of creating strong accreditation and collaboration links with key bodies. We have cemented our reputation as a leading provider of online SEN courses by delivering on our mission to provide innovative training to teaching professional working with children of all needs. 

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