Teaching Gifted & Talented Students

Teaching Gifted & Talented Students


Students with exceptional ability are frequently overlooked. Without the support they need, their gifts will not develop and they may not have the futures they were meant to have. This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the needs of high potential learners and equip you to foster and stimulate their learning, ensuring they flourish and achieve.

This course, which has been developed in partnership with the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland (CTYI) at Dublin City University, enables teachers and other professionals to identify and respond to the needs of exceptionally able students so that they can excel in their learning and fulfill their potential. The inclusive nature of this course encompasses students with complex needs and advanced abilities across a wide range of domains and settings. From theories of intelligence and conceptions of giftedness to international models of provision, this course provides you with a comprehensive and detailed understanding of current issues and best practice in gifted and talented education.

Among the topics covered are motivation, underachievement, peer pressure, emotional and mental health issues, social relationships and dual exceptionality, i.e. gifted and talented students who also have a learning difficulty. Assessment and identification issues across the age range are addressed and you will become familiar with a range of approaches and evidence-based instructional practices for creating optimal learning environments, building resilience and encouraging a ‘growth mindset’.  Drawing on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, and research on motivation, achievement, flow and wellbeing, this course offers a holistic approach to supporting the academic and emotional needs of students with high potential and exceptional abilities. By the end of this course, you will be able to design individualized support plans, differentiate effectively and create optimal and inclusive learning environments.


  • Learn how to plan and develop a whole-school policy for exceptionally able learners.
  • Explore topics such as motivation, underachievement, perfectionism, peer pressure, social acceptance and dual exceptionality.
  • Focus on practical, evidence-based strategies to support learning, motivation and wellbeing and promote social and emotional personal development.
  • Learn how to apply best practice guidelines for effective collaboration with both parents and students.
  • Enjoy rich opportunities for collaboration with our online network of learners and tutors.
  • Save printable course materials and resources for future reference.

About the course

Students of gifted and exceptional ability are much more common and harder to identify than is often supposed. Often they can underachieve at school as a result of frustration or due to lack of stimulation. Their potential can also be masked by learning difficulties or disabilities. Developed in partnership with the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland (CTYI) at Dublin City University, this course is designed to enable teachers and other professionals to identify and respond to the diverse needs of gifted and talented students.

This course tackles the myths surrounding giftedness and offers evidence-based strategies, best practice approaches and innovative instructional techniques. While much of the emphasis is on students with advanced academic abilities, the needs of students who also have learning difficulties and those whose talents lie in other areas, such as those who are creatively gifted, are also examined.  Summarising current research and best practice and wide ranging in its scope, this course offers a sound foundation to anyone interested in the education of gifted and talented learners.

Students of gifted and exceptional ability are much more common and harder to identify than is often supposed.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at teachers and others with a professional interest in high potential learners and gifted and talented education. It may also be helpful for parents who want more detailed information about the development and education of children and young people who are gifted and talented.

Approved by the Department of Education and Skills

This course is approved by the Department of Education and Skills. Three EPV days will be allowed for primary school teachers who take the course during the summer term. Please note this provision applies only to the summer term as per Department guidelines.

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All of our tutors are expert practitioners with a specialist interest in gifted and talented education and will provide you with one-to-one guidance as you complete your studies online.

Technical support is provided by our dedicated team of qualified learning technologists, who are available to assist you by telephone or email.

Interactive Learning Assignments accompany each module. Each student is also required to complete a Reflective Assignment as well as a CPD record.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development and a Learning Log of your work, which can be included in your CPD portfolio.


"Before completing this course, I had very little knowledge of teaching gifted and talented students. I now feel my insight has been refined and I am better able to apply my teacher skill set to help these special individuals in the context of my own school."Alaine Vicencio de Gomez

    Autumn Term

    Start Date: 
    12 October, 2020

    Last Enrollment Date: 
    29 November, 2020

  • DURATION20 hours of self paced study any time during the term
  • AWARDCertificate of CPD **Summer term fully approved for EPV days for Primary Teachers**
  • € FEES €150.00

University Accreditation

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