About Us

What We Do

The Institute of Child Education & Psychology Europe is the trusted source of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and university-accredited programmes. We specialise in the areas of special educational needs and positive psychology. All of our courses are developed and taught by leading practitioners in their fields and meet the highest international standards.

As an independent educational and research institute, we have trained over 22,000 teachers across 58 countries since 2001. We provide the expertise that can help children reach their full potential. Each course has been developed by PhD-level clinical psychologists and educators and is delivered by Masters-level tutors.

How It Works

All our courses are delivered online, putting you in control of when and where you choose to study. You will not only have access to a vast reservoir of current research and thinking in your subject area, but also have a tutor to guide and facilitate.

Our programmes have a practical focus and address the real–life problems confronting educators. This fast-tracks the latest evidence-backed research into the classroom and allows you to make a difference where it really matters. 

Our Values

We strive to make a difference to teachers and other professionals working with children by providing them with the competence and confidence to work better with children of all needs 

We envisage a world where all teachers have access to quality assured, innovative training in special educational needs and positive psychology.



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