Current Projects

ICEP Europe is involved in a number of high profile projects with both national and international partners.


Erasmus+ - THRIVE Project: Oct 2018 – Present

The THRIVE project aims to combine the principles, methods and techniques of positive psychology, trauma sensitivity, and emotional literacy to create an online training programme for educators working with Early School Leavers. The training programme will equip the staff working in second chance education settings with the tools to enhance the resilience, wellbeing, and social and emotional skills of the Early School Leavers, with a view to improving their educational outcomes, employability and overall personal effectiveness.


Erasmus+ - SAVE Project: Sept 2018 – Present
The SAVE project intends to utilise innovative methods and the exchange of good practice across four European partner countries in order to build the competencies of school staff in supporting and protecting young people affected by the issues of violence and abuse. This will involve the development of an online training programme which will address child and adolescent victimization in various forms (bullying and cyberbullying, child emotional and physical maltreatment, child sexual abuse, and war-related trauma), and will also include a module specifically designed to assist staff in cultivating resilience among affected young people.
The overall aim of the SAVE project is to assist vulnerable students in maximizing their potential within the school environment, not just academically but also in terms of their interpersonal skills and capacity to self-regulate their emotions.


Erasmus+ - SUCCESS Project: Aug 2017 – Present

The goal of the SUCCESS Project is to create a training package for post-primary Guidance Counsellors that will help support students who are leaving school to enter employment. The training will be a blend of both employability skills and skills from positive psychology to enhance well-being, resilience, and optimism, giving each student practical and supportive strategies as they take their first steps towards employment.

Justice Programme – SAFER Project: Aug 2017 – Present

The objectives of the SAFER Project are to tackle gender-based violence (GBV) against children by encouraging reporting, raising awareness, and building resilience and personal strengths in children. A training programme will be developed for schools which will enable teachers to educate children about GBV, challenge existing gender stereotypes, and ultimately reduce GBV.


GoGreenEx - Going Outdoors: Gathering Research Evidence on Environment and Exercise March 2016 - Present

ICEP Europe are part of the GoGreenEx Interdisciplinary team. GoGreenEx is an acronym for Going Outdoors: Gathering Research Evidence on Environment and Exercise, which is an interdisciplinary initiative to study the effects of being active in both green and blue natural spaces. This research is funded by the Irish Research Council New Foundations Scheme.


Erasmus+ - HOPEs Project:  September 2016 - Present

The HOPEs Project aims to apply the methods and techniques of Positive Psychology (PP) and Character Education (CE) in school settings. This will be achieved by developing an innovative educational package, and training teachers in the principles of Positive Psychology and Character Education in countries across Europe. To learn more about the HOPEs project visit here.


Online SEN courses
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