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Enrol Now for our Summer Term **All Summer courses entitle primary teachers to 3 EPV Days**

Make a real difference to your students. Our online professional development courses are of the highest quality. We have experienced tutors, employer recognised accreditation and the most up to date, evidence based content in the field. All our courses take 20 hours to complete entirely at your own pace. Our courses are ideal for teachers, special needs assistants and parents.

Fiona O'Neill, Student

what our students say:

I found the course material fascinating and thought provoking. I wholeheartedly plan to introduce and include many of the strategies and tips in the classroom in September.
- Fiona O'Neill, Student
Diarmuid Ryan, Student

what our students say:

Throughout the course the ideas behind, and benefits of positive psychology were explained and developed. It has been my most rewarding online summer course to date.
- Diarmuid Ryan, Student
Hazel Anderson, Student

what our students say:

This course has for me been a truly positive and enlightening experience. It has answered many questions, opened my eyes, my mind and my heart.
- Hazel Anderson, Student


Since its establishment in 2001, ICEP Europe has recognised the importance of creating strong accreditation and collaboration links with key bodies in order to cement the organisation’s standing as a quality leading provider of online education in the area of Special needs education and psychology.

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