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Make a real difference to your students. Our online professional development courses are of the highest quality. We have experienced tutors, employer recognised accreditation and the most up to date, evidence based content in the field. All our courses take 20 hours to complete entirely at your own pace. Our courses are ideal for teachers, special needs assistants and parents.

Catherine Hartnett, ABA

what our students say:

“Since starting the course, I have been observing my behaviour much more and how my behaviour may be impacting others. I feel this course has provided me with skills and knowledge that has allowed me to reflect upon not only how I behave in work settings but also in my everyday life.”
- Catherine Hartnett, ABA
John Irvine, Down Syndrome

what our students say:

“It has challenged my own thinking on Down Syndrome and prompted me to think more broadly about student development and things I can do differently.”
- John Irvine, Down Syndrome
Claire Maloney, Dyslexia

what our students say:

“Incorporating what I have learned from this course into everyday practice will be an ongoing process that I look forward to developing! I will try to now look at the school itself as an entity that needs to be developed into becoming a more dyslexia friendly environment.”
- Claire Maloney, Dyslexia


Since its establishment in 2001, ICEP Europe has recognised the importance of creating strong accreditation and collaboration links with key bodies in order to cement the organisation’s standing as a quality leading provider of online education in the area of Special needs education and psychology.

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